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October 1917: Marion County men answer call to duty

Thursday, Oct. 4, 1917, was a day of celebration in Palmyra, as 26 young men from Marion County left for Fort Riley, to fight for freedom.

The Quincy Daily Whig reported that volunteers with the Hannibal Red Cross prepared box lunches. The young men scheduled for departure rode in automobiles in a vast parade attended by an estimated 100 Hannibal businessmen.

Jacob Bross, grandfather of Paul E. Bross, captain of the squad, served in the Mexican war.

As a gesture of appreciation, each soldier received a box of cigars and four cartons of cigarettes, presented by Donald Sosey.

The following men answered the call of duty.

Ira Widebrook, Palmyra

Jesse Snodgrass, Palmyra

Frank J. Bounds, Hannibal

Bernhard L. McKay, Hannibal

Leroy Hy Smith, Monroe City

Paul E. Bross, Hannibal

Cleon Uppinghouse, Hannibal

Leonnis C. Papagiannopoulos, Hannibal

Everett E. Mayes, Hannibal

Adam W. Bourne, Taylor

Everett McLoughlin, Philadelphia

Earl E. Briscoe, Hannibal

Thomas R. Minor, Hannibal

Lee Albert Spath, Taylor

Henry O. McCarty, Hannibal

Paul H. Roberts, Hannibal

Gustav F. Rautz, Hannibal

Charles E. Webb, Hannibal

Emmet E. Churchill, Maywood

Ernest H. Bode, Palmyra

Harold E. Peterson, Hannibal

Thomas F. Smith, Hannibal

John Wilson, Hannibal

Harry H. Noline, Hannibal

Dolph Glasscock, Hannibal

Donald E. Hufty, Hannibal

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