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World War II letters find rightful home

I received a "sign" yesterday that let me know I made the right decision 11 months ago when I decided to start this history blog site.

Every single day something amazes me: Being able to post music by Hannibalians Walt Chandler and Stanley Clark; finding information and a picture of Hannibal's first public high school principal; recording a current Hannibal fireman visiting with a 93-year-old former fireman and listening while they found common ground to discuss; and so many other tidbits that remind me of Hannibal's unique nature.

But this "sign" takes the cake for me. Monday night, Sandy and Daren Caswell brought me a box of War War II-vintage letters they found in the garage attic of their home. I posted some information about these letters on this blog site Tuesday morning, and by bedtime, a woman from Florida reached out to claim the letters written by her uncle to her aunt.

Plans are under way to mail these letters to Florida, but first, I want to feature this man and woman whose love grew slowly and patiently while this nation was at war, and who spent their lifetime together.

Watch Saturday's edition of the Courier-Post for this love story, and/or check back at for photos, letter exerpts and a feature story.

And as viewership continues to grow month over month, my resolve continues to tell Hannibal's story.

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