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Spit in his face; challenged foe to a duel

Spit in his face

Excerpts from Cincinnati Enquirer, Feb. 6, 1880

At noon to-day, (Feb. 6, 1880) Mr. Thomas H. Bacon, a brother of Mrs. Cruikshank, a lady whose character has been attacked by certain parties in the Hannibal (Missouri) Congregational Church investigation, was going south on Main street near the Post-office, when he met Mr. C.W.A. Cartledge face to face. Mr. Cartledge had made himself very prominent during the late church trial. When the two parties met Mr. Bacon went up to Mr. Cartledge and deliberately expectorated a very liberal amount of saliva in the latter’s face, at the same time denouncing him as a liar, a coward, and a man who went behind three feet of church walls to assassinate a lady’s character.

Mr. Bacon had, in the mean time, drawn a revolver, which caused Mr. Cartledge to jump back and remark that he was not armed. Mr. Bacon put up his revolver, and said that he would not shoot an unarmed man, but, said he, “You had better go home and arm yourself and meet me on the field of honor, across a handkerchief if you choose, for, unless you do, I shall make a spittoon of your face wherever I meet you, and there are others whom I shall serve the same way.”

The parties separated, going in different directions, and the excited throng which had gathered dispersed.

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