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Walk of Fame: Featured individuals from this website's first year, 2014/2015

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Joseph Bassen - German immigrant who found success in Hannibal.

Dora Betts - Served in the Army Nurse Corps.

Bibb Twins - Dedicated members of Fifth Street Baptist Church.

• Georgia Braxton - Her tombstone symbolizes Ralls County’s colorful history.

Phillip Brown - a Hannibal moving company legacy.

• Joshua Burton - Hannibal undertaker; lived at Hannibal Masonic Home.

Mary Carter - In Her Own Words, Courier-Post files.

Elder E.B. Challenner - Christian Church minister.

Walt Chandler - Played the piano since the age of 4.

Stanley Clark - Soulful accordian music.

• James W. Cox - Buried at Old Baptist Cemetery.

Charles W. Curts - Noted Hannibal riverman.

John W. Dickson - Landowner and free man of color.

Homer Draper - World War II veteran.

• Joe and Betty Farrell - Rail, mail, fire and newspaper memories.

• Jim Featherstone - Learned lesson in self defense as a boy in Hannibal.

• P.W. Fletcher, P.W. - Transportation visionary.

• Rev. Wesley Foster - Eighth and Center Streets Missionary Baptist Church.

• Evans Fritz - A funeral pioneer.

• Dan Griffen - Hannibal florist, who shares memories of the 1940s.

• Sue Hart - A lifetime of living on West Ely Road.

• Albert Haug - Noted Hannibal musician.

• Bobby Heiser - Fifth generation Hannibal jeweler.

• Louis and Lena Lackner Heiser - German Turner Society.

• Holland, Stephen T. - Former journalist, retraces steps as a Hannibal reporter.

• Otis Howell – Winner of top MPA photography awards in 1961.

• William Hunt - A story of financial largess and loss.

• Dora Hunter - Early Hannibal businesswoman.

Lu Jaworksy - Life-long local newspaper supporter.

• Livy Job - Lost to friendly fire at Hannibal during Civil War

• John Keefe - ‘America’s greatest yodeler’

• George Michael Kilian - Early Hannibal butcher.

• Klotz, Jack - Privy digger.

• Milton P. Knighton - Owner of White Star Laundry

• Jack Kretzer - Remembers when funeral homes operated ambulance services.

• Peter Lange - Operated a boat livery business at the foot of Bird Street.

• Ruth Linear - Shares memories of “Old Hannibal.”

• Rev. Lena Mason - Hannibal native, turned famous evangelist.

• Hiram McVeigh - Failed at business, but left a lasting legacy.

• William Scott Meyer - Son of Hannibal, prominent businessman

• Len Moss - Chronicler life with pencil and watercolors.

• Betty Curtis Mudd - Remembers neighborhood of her youth.

• W.A. Munger - Former Hannibal mayor.

• J. Palmer Forrest - Established St. Mary’s Pharmacy.

• Babu Patel - Veteran hotel man, modern day immigrant.

• Fannie Peake - Noted soprano.

• Richard and Martha Poole – Restoring legacy house at South Fifth & Church.

• John B. Powell - Journalist Paid a high price for outspoken views.

• John Pratt - Hannibal Courthouse’s first janitor.

• Dr. O.C. Queen - Prominent Hannibal physician of color.

• Martha R. Ray - Long-time Hannibal educator.

• Leolia Reynolds - Respected Hannibal educator

Essie Turner Robinson - Left as a legacy, notes of Bear Creek Church’s founding.

• R.B.D. Simonson - Hannibal school superintendent

• Pink Snyder - Operated a grocery store in the Chestnut Street neighborhood.

• Donna Toalson - A real tomboy.

• Richard Treat - Lost his life during Korean Conflict.

• Mary Ellen Hulse and Richard Webster Trower - Married during World War II.

• Oscar Tucker - A lifelong shoemaker.

• Brad Tutor - Continuing family’s milling legacy.

• Lynne McGee Tutor - Cemetery researcher.

• Kathy Herring Walley - Grew up in a photo studio.

• Dixie Ward – The force behind the Hull (Ill.) History Museum

• Lute F. West - Left behind a journal from the 1880s.

• Brad Willet - Repurposed old Hatch Farm lumber into his own home.

• Bob Yount – Grew up on the Hatch farm.

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