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Mulkey family attended Marion County's Turner School

Three Mulkey sisters read the newspaper in this photo recently found in an old Turner School scrapbook. CONTRIBUTED BY SUE HART

This photo is reproduced from a Turner School scrapbook now in the possession of Sue Hart. It features this photo labeled the Mulkey sisters. A fourth sister was pictured, but the image was damaged and subsequently cropped. Newton Jasper and Edith Mulkey lived at Route 1, Hannibal, in Miller Township, when raising their large family. Daughters included Bernetta Mulkey (Hirner) born in 1905; Dorothy Mulkey (Wiegenstein) born in 1908: Mary C. Mulkey (Metcalf), born in 1910; Helen P. Mulkey (Bounds) born in 1913; and Anna Louise Mulkey (Wealder), born in 1915. The sons were George N. Mulkey, born in 1919; Charles W. Mulkey, born in 1922; and John E. Mulkey, born in 1926. Bernetta Mulkey Hirner died in 2001, at the age of 96, and she was preceded in death by all of her siblings, except for the youngest, John Mulkey of Texas. CONTRIBUTED BY SUE HART

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