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Hannibal's Central School teachers, 1911

Herrick and teachers at Central school

Steve Chou has a photo (copy attached) of the teachers at Hannibal's Central School in 1911. Virginia Herrick is among the teachers, but I don't know which one she is. She is a cousin to a woman I've done extensive research on, and I would like to know what Virginia looks like. I went through the 1911 city directory, accessed through the Hannibal Free Public Library, and picked out teachers. I accessed the census of 1910 to get the year of birth.

I can pick out Mrs. Ray, the principal, in this photo, who was 52 at the time.

Virginia Herrick was second oldest, at 48.

Please look through the names to see if you might have information that could help me identify who is who in the photo.

Central School teachers.jpg

Age in 1911

23 Mabel Bowles, 1019 ½ Broadway B 1887

23 Bessie Henderson, Miss, 408 N. Fourth, B 1888

24 Ann Conn, 719 ½ Center, B 1887 M: (A.G. Croll 1913)

31 Frieda E. Kilian (Miss) (w/parents, Louise, Henry, 218 Spruce) (b1880)

34 Anna McCarty, 908 Lyon B. 1877, 4 sisters, all teachers

35 Alice McKennie (Miss) lived at 216 N. 7th w/mother and brother B. 1876

48 Virginia Herrick, at 112 S. Tenth, born 1863

52 Principal: Martha R. Ray, 1000 Hill Street: B. 1859

Mary E. Givan, Miss, 836 Harrison Ave.

Druna Hiatt

Althea Miller, rooms 605 Center

Irene B. Wood

Agnes Matthews, Miss, 1009 Broadway

Virginia Carter, 316 Grace

School: 824 Center Street

Martha R. Ray

Frieda Kilian married Alexander K. Love, they lived at 211 Virginia Ave. 1940; Marian Love’s parents.

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