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Traffic blockade in downtown Hannibal in 1874

Bobby Heiser described downtown Hannibal in the 1960s to me during a conversation this week. A little nugget I just found in the Hannibal Clipper, Dec. 23, 1874, reminds me of his tales of commerce at Main and Broadway.


Hannibal Clipper

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 1874

Everybody came to town to-day; or at least it seemed so. There were scores of vehicles loaded with wheat – scores loaded with corn, potatoes, turkeys, geese, butter, eggs, &c., besides a large number of hay wagons. It is estimated that the receipts of wheat to-day were larger than any preceding day in the history of the city. Broadway, from Main to Fifth streets, was in a state of apparent blockade all during the forenoon, while Main street was brim full of business. The stores were thronged by customers laying in Christmas supplies. Prices remained satisfactory in produce, despite the great influx. Hogs were brought in at a tolerably fair rate, prices the same as yesterday - $6.25.

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