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Abe's Bar and Grill patrons had their own names engraved on their steins

From left, Abe, Nellie and Roy Toalson. Contributed: Carey Toalson of Hannibal

Abe's Bar and Grill, located on the southwest corner of Broadway and Fourth Streets in Hannibal, was a popular place to gather from the time it opened in 1959 until it closed in 1975. Carey Toalson, 59, son of Roy Toalson, co-owner with his brother, Abe, and sister-in-law, Nellie, worked at the establishment from the time he could reach the cash register by standing on a stool.

A popular feature of the bar and grill was the Stein Club. Regular patrons had their own beer steins, and when they came in and ordered a beer, their stein was pulled down from the shelf and filled.

The Toalson family had a reunion the weekend of June 13-14, 2015, bringing together about 60 people to share memories and camaraderie.

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