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Memories of the chili at Abe's Bar and Grill: Really hot: Dave Taylor

Hannibal Courier-Post (MO) - Friday, February 4, 2011


Last week we asked for stories about the old Abe's Bar and Grill at Fourth and Broadway in Hannibal. Dave Taylor stopped by the Courier-Post business office and told a story about when he and his wife were first dating, about 1969. Dave said that Abe's had the best tenderloins, pizza and chili. Dave admits to "running his mouth" to head cook, Roy Toalson. Dave ordered a cup of chili, then complained to Roy that it wasn't hot enough. So Roy brought out a second bowl, and Dave once again complained it wasn't hot enough. So Roy brought out the third bowl, and stood by his mouthy customer while he took a bite. Dave said the chili must have been threequarters tabasco sauce. He had to eat it, or he would have had to "eat crow" instead. "I about died," Dave said of the experience. Dave said that Abe Toalson usually tended bar, while Roy Toalson did the cooking.

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