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Medical office, central to famed Stillwell murder case, on site now occupied by F&M Bank in Hann

This sketch, which was pubished in the San Francisco Chronicle on April 16, 1895, shows Dr. Hearne's office on the south side of Broadway, Hannibal. Dr. Hearne was the lead suspect in the December 1888 murder of noted Hannibal businessman Amos Stillwell. Dr. Hearne's office was located on the south side of Broadway, four or five doors to the west of Fifth Street. The back of the Stillwell mansion, which was located on the west side of South Fifth, and the back yard of the doctor's office were accessible through a gate in the adjoining back yards.

Dr. Hearne was ultimately acquitted of the crime.

In the year 2000, Chase Hickman, a Hannibal attorney, edited a previously written book about the sensational murder, added footnotes and provided it in a digital format that is available via the Hannibal Free Public Library's website.

To access this book, click here

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