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500 block of Broadway was popular site for Hannibal doctors

The 500 block of Broadway was medical center of sorts in 1922, with nine doctors operating in buildings located in this one-block area. I recognize several of the names from past research and from my childhood. Do any sound familiar to you?

Dr. W.P. Birney, pictured at right, is one of the doctors who practiced in that block.

I'm particularly interested in Dr. Mary S. Ross, who had her offices in the Hornback Building at 500 Broadway.

If you have any information to share on any of these doctors, please click here to email me. Thanks in advance for helping with my research projects.

526 F.C. Hopkins, osteopath

524: E.H. Bounds, phy

522: W.P. Birney, phys

511: Chas. E. Paxton phys

503: W.C. Guss, phys

500: Edw T. Hornback

500: E. Rodes Hornback

500: J.C. Chilton

500: Mary S. Ross

Read about Dr. Birney's life in Hannibal by clicking here.

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