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Fidelity Building has long link to Hannibal dental practices: Grimaud, Craigmiles, Harder

Dr. Lawrence William Craigmiles conducted a dental practice in the Hannibal Fidelity Building, 617 Broadway, until he sold the practice to Dr. Ervin W. Harder in 1962.

The son of William Henry and Margaret Daisy Briscoe Craigmiles of Pleasant Hill, Ill., Dr. Craigmiles married Mary Jane Forbes Craigmiles (1905-1992) and he had two sisters, Maude M. (Ted) Craigmiles and Claude Craigmiles Moldovan.

Dr. Craigmiles died in 1964. His son, Bill Craigmiles and his family live in Hannibal.

Dr. Harder continued practicing dentistry in the Fidelity Building for several decades, until moving to the current location of Hannibal Dental Practice, located at the intersection of St. Mary’s Avenue and James Road.

Prior to Dr. Craigmiles move to the Fidelity Building, J.H.G. Grimaud had a dental practice in this building.

Source for information: and Hannibal city directories.

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